eLab Digital Workbench

Jupyter Notebooks

Supports multiple progamming languages (e.g. Python, R and Julia)

Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktops for remote computing

Secure data analysis

Suite of secure data analysis tools for teaching and research projects

eLabs are digital environments that provide users with access to datasets and data science tools through standard web browsers

Watch the video below to hear about the background, commonly used functionality, benefits and future direction of eLab.

Fully featured digital workbench

Fully customisable browser based environment for teaching and research with data


Adjust the computing power required for different tasks. Spin up and down eLabs rapidly to meet your needs (e.g. research projects, workshops or full academic courses)

Easy to Use & Customize

eLabs are designed to be customised and extended. Additional applications can be installed and configured as needed.

Uses of eLab

formal courses
Credit-bearing courses

Multidiscipline cohorts accessing large health datasets and running tools such as R studio and SQL databases

Non-credit bearing courses

Cohorts up to 60 people studying machine learning Jupyter Notebooks

Research Projects

MSc projects in University of Manchester

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